The Yeti from League of Legends is the New Face of This Company

Willump the Yeti from League of legends has his own company? 

It’s hard to believe that a League of Legends champion (Nunu & Willump)—a fictional creature—is representing a company. 

But why not? 

We think he’s pretty good at it too.

He’s likable, powerful, and reliable- everything you would like in a business. Plus, they even named it after him.

The company in question is They provide world-class unlimited graphic design solutions for an affordable price to businesses of all sizes, representing a variety of industries, from all over the world. 

There are a lot of things about DotYeti that remind you of Willump the Yeti. For example, they’re lightning-fast in turnaround time, trustworthy and create a massive impact in any company’s marketing strategy with their thoughtful graphic designs. 

Not to mention, this unlimited graphic design subscription service is the much better alternative to the typical in-house designer vs freelancer vs agency debacle that a lot companies face. It’s creative work done fast, easy, and without any hidden fees or contracts.

But how did the Yeti land this role?

It started with a Nunu & Willump figurine

It’s no secret that serial entrepreneur and graphic designer, Roy Selbach, loves League of Legends — and this player in particular. He loved them enough to proudly disday a small figurine of the pair in his office.

At the time, Roy was running his first digital agency  start-up (EOI Digital) with Amadeo Brands. He quickly discovered that there was a high demand among his international clients for affordable, high-quality and reliably-delivered graphic designs. There was, at the time, no viable solution to this gap in the market as available options were either too expensive, or difficult to coordinate. 

 And so, the first foundations of DotYeti were laid down. 

When the time came to give the young graphic design startup its own brand and mascot, well... it took him a while before he finally decided on the Yeti.

So what were his other options? 

Who did the Yeti beat to secure his spot as the company’s mascot?

The Space Kiwi whose beak doesn’t fit and the Space Panda who can’t eat his bamboo

No disrespect to Kiwi and Panda but, their species in outer space just came with a whole host of practical problems. So did a bunch of other animals, actually!

And why outer space, you ask? Because this new company was going to introduce clients to new heights in the world of graphic design while supporting their marketing & branding efforts with creative assets they could be proud of. 

Back to Kiwi and Panda. 

First, all the moisture might fog up Kiwi’s glasses. Second, Kiwi can’t even put his beak all the way into his space helmet. We don’t want him to be exposed to any unnecessary risk at work now would we? 

Three, Panda can’t eat his bamboo with the space helmet on. As cute as they look, comfort is the top priority in this company.

This is when Roy took a long hard look at his action figurine and realized that being a Yeti that was associated with magic and mysticism was, indeed, the better choice. 

But this is as far as Willump goes. Roy didn’t want to get sued after all- so this called for a creative makeover.

Rebranding the Yeti into who he is today

Roy and his designers gave Willump a head-to-toe makeover and transformed him into the company’s new mascot. He proudly wears the EOI Digital badge, since it’s the parent company of DotYeti. 

In hindsight, it’s probably best that he left his intimidating aesthetic in League of Legends. Now he can have a fresh start as the adorable, fluffy mascot of a graphic design startup.

Now, how did he get his name?

How DotYeti got its name

Roy could have gone with ‘Design Yeti’ for the company name but quickly decided against it for obvious reasons that shall not be included in this blog post (share it with a friend and see if they get it!)

Most graphic design companies were already doing the usual technique of adding the word ‘design’ to the company name, and it was becoming unimaginative. The team wanted something that rolled off the tongue easier and had an element of creativity without coming off as too predictable. 

They considered ‘pixel’, but honestly ‘’ sounded like a cheap Minecraft knock-off. 

They eventually decided on ‘dot’ because they believed that every great design always starts with a single dot. 

Unlimited Graphic Designs with DotYeti

If you know someone who is:

  • A League of Legends fan
  • Sick of the hiring process when it comes to freelancers
  • Unable to justify the high cost of hiring an agency or in-house designers
  • In need of high-quality, seamless graphic design services

Give them a helping hand by introducing DotYeti. They have plenty of customizable plans to choose from to perfectly suit all budgets and creative outputs. 

You can also check out DotYeti's graphic design work  that’s neatly compiled in his portfolio. It’s pretty impressive, for a space Yeti. 

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