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Goodguysblog.com is a guest blogging site where we can post your content on the suitable category. Content must be plagiarism free and well written by the human. Currently, we supported English content only and have 30+ categories where you will find lots of blogs related to your niche. It's an old blog and index on all the search engines (mostly), and we also share the content on the social media pages after publishing the content. As Google, Bing, and other major search engines changing their algorithms frequently, so we have to maintain the quality & link building structure of the blog. Before posting any content, we check the quality & parameters such as length of the article, grammar, and punctuation's in the content. If you are looking for permanent and authority backlinks for your website, then you can approach us to post your content on our platform. Here are some guideline which you need to follow before contacting us:
  1. Content must be plagiarism passed
  2. Only two links allowed in the post
  3. We do not allow copied images

You can contact us on this email ID: goodguysblog474[at]gmail.com

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